PB Chocolates

Gift Ideas


Chocolate is the classic gift on Valentine's day. Really impress your sweetie with some fine PB Chocolates confections. Sure to be a hit!


Watch their eyes light up when instead of some "peeps" or a chocolate bunny, they get a box of PB Chocolates!


Want to make it a special celebration? Give your spouse a dozen roses and a box of PB Chocolates.

Winter Holidays

Christmas, Solstice, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day... For years I have given these chocolates as gifts to my friends for the holidays. They go well with the festivities of the season whether shared at a party or enjoyed at home with loved ones.

Mother's Day/Father's Day

Mom will love these chocolates! So will Dad!


Having a trick or treat party? Boxes of one or two PB chocolates will be the best treat at the party!

For your Assistants or Employees

For a big "thank you!" a small box of PB Chocolates will fill the bill.

For your Boss

Want to make points with the boss? PB Chocolates are a great "thanks for being a great boss!"

For your Customers

Want to impress your customers? PB Chocolates will put a smile on their faces.

Favorite Teachers

Want to show your appreciation to one of your children's teachers? PB Chocolates will make the grade!


Part of your PTO job is to help encourage your parent-workers, co-members, and the teachers. PB Chocolates are a sweet reward!

The Bride and Groom

Your gift of PB Chocolates will be remembered long after they are gone. The Bride and Groom will smile every time they think back to that special day.

As A Centerpiece

Want a special (and sharable) centerpiece for the tables? PB Chocolates can really set the scene.

As Table Settings

Every guest will remember (and enjoy!) the festivities when they get their own small box of PB Chocolates.

As a Dessert

Looking for that special dessert? PB Chocolates will go over big. A few truffles make an excellent light dessert.

As a Party Gift

Going home with a box of PB Chocolates will make sure that party is remembered for a long time!

For the Guest of Honor

The honoree will certainly enjoy a box of PB Chocolates.