PB Chocolates

Ordering Info


If you do not have an account but want one, read the information under Accounts.

  1. Visit the Orders page and log in.
  2. Click the arrows (up or down) next to the item(s) you want.
  3. When you are done, click the Place Order button.

Note that the total for your order is updated as you change your order.

When you have placed your order, I will be notified of what you want and will let you know when to expect it.

Getting an Account

You have to have an account to place an order. This allows me to identify you, get your email so we can communicate, and so forth.

If you want an account, but do not have one, you must have someone who has an account recommend you. Have them send an email to chocolates@pbchocolates.com. They should include your name, your email address, and note they are recommending you.

This will help keep the business from growing too fast and swamping me. I hate to be swamped, and my chocolates suffer. I hate to have my chocolates suffer (and so will you).

If you know me, or my chocolates, from an event, drop me a line and ask for an account. Mention how you know about me.

If you do not know someone with an account, but know me, ask me for an account. In person or by email, mention how you know me.

To make a special order, contact me in person or visit the Contact page, select "I want to make a special order" from the pulldown, and indicate what you want in the text field.

Other Size Boxes

I can do 6 piece, 3 piece, 2 piece, and 1 piece boxes. They are a great size when you want to do a smaller amount of chocolate, or you are doing chocolates for a large number of people. Prices are based on total order size.

Special Events

If you are doing an event and want some number of unboxed chocolates there I will charge you based on the number of pieces total. I may also be able to suggest how many pieces you want based on attendance

Special Flavor Selection

If you want specific flavors in your order, I can do that. Depending on the selections you make, there may be an additional charge (or you may get a break on price).

Payment Methods

I accept personal checks or cash. I am not (yet) to the place where I accept credit cards or paypal.

Due Date

Payment is due upon delivery of chocolate. No payment, no chocolate.


Many times I will have chocolate on hand that I can package up and deliver the same day. If I have to make some chocolate to fill an order, it usually takes 2 or 3 days.


Currently, I do not ship chocolate. I work only locally, but am happy to deliver your chocolate to you. When your chocolate is ready, I will contact you and we can arrange how you will acquire it.